Your Business Website – Does It Have The Critical Elements for Success

Your website is the face of your business on the web and in many cases, it may be your business. Hence, it is important that your website is set-up for success and designed to achieve your business goals. UHY Senior Accountant Len Kumar prepared this list of the critical elements your business website must possess:

1. Cohesive design within the entire website
Choose a design for your website that looks attractive, easy on the eyes, and works towards your goals in a clear and efficient way:

• Create a website that makes your business look professional, not like it is being operated from the bedroom!
• There should be a commonality across the entire site. Common look and feel for all pages.
• Provide an attractive design for your website including colours and the typography.
• Keep your website fresh with regularly updated content to get users to revisit your website.

2. Clear presentation of your products or services

The copy, pictures and other elements should be cohesive and work together to make the visitors want to buy your products and/or use your services:

• If you’re allowing transactions on your website, make it easy for users to order and to pay.
• If your products are not offered for sale online, include information where visitors can find and buy it.
• Clearly state the prices of your products. For a service business, ensure an easy way for clients to request quotes.
• Provide great pictures of your products or services.
• Depending on your business, consider creating videos of how to setup and use your products.