Rise in Minimum Wage Rates

Following the annual Government review, on 1st April 2017 the adult minimum wage rate rose by 50 cents to $15.75 an hour. The starting-out and training wage rates also rose by 40 cents to $12.60. If you are an employer paying staff minimum wage rates, ensure you have updated your payroll and employment agreements to…


Working With Challenging People: Be More FLEX-ible to Achieve Success

Whatever business you’re in – manufacturing, professional services, health, hospitality, whatever – everything you do depends on people.  No matter how fantastic your product is or how innovative your ideas are, your company success is directly linked to the performance of the people who create, produce, market and deliver it. Of course, the term “people”…


Human Resources: Why You Should Recruit For Attitude

Wyatt Sargent Fern Logo 2.pngJennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt Sargent & Associates Ltd explains why attitude should play a major role in the recruitment process.

Wyatt Sargent & Associates is a human resources consultancy, not a recruitment agency, and yet I often write and talk about recruitment.  Why?  It’s because much of our work results from employers making bad recruitment decisions they have no idea how to resolve.

Listen to managers talk about their “problem” employees and it’s clear that often it isn’t a person’s ability to do the job that is the problem – usually it’s their attitude, hence the saying: “managers recruit for skills and experience, and fire for attitude.”


The Importance of Staff Induction

The start of a new year often coincides with firms hiring new staff members.  A key step when employing staff is to provide them with a formal and effective induction process.  Induction is the process whereby a new employee is introduced to their employer.

Depending on the size of the firm, induction can cover up to four levels:

  1. Induction into the firm
  2. Induction into the department
  3. Induction into the work team
  4. Induction into the job itself